Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Preventing Holiday Injuries

I often get asked, "Are there any injuries specific to certain times of the year?" There are seasons for certain ailments and injures. For instance, kids drown more commonly during the spring/summer (except bathtub drownings are year round). I've only seen fishhooks embedded in not so fun places during the summer. Now, if I were a nurse where ice fishing were popular, then this may be a more year round occurrence. Unfortunately, there seems to be at least one story every year of a house burning down from a Christmas tree fire.

Specific to pediatrics (and adults in some cases), there are illnesses that are seasonal. Flu (the respiratory kind) is prevalent in late fall and winter. The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) affects infants and children during this time as well. Rotavirus also comes out to play during this time of year. Considering all these illnesses, it's not hard to understand why patient volumes and wait times increase during the winter.

So... stay safe out there and check out this article on holiday safety:

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!


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