Saturday, November 12, 2011

Up and Coming

This week at Redwood's Medical Edge:

Monday: Barber-Surgeons

If you're a historical novelist, knowing about the combined role of the barber-surgeon could be important. Hair cut and splenectomy in one stop shopping!

Wednesday: The Curious Case of Typhoid Mary. Interesting story and conflict builder. What power should the government have over protecting the population from disease?

Thursday: I'll be over at the WordServe Watercooler on the topic of publication.

Friday: Author Beware: Seasonal Illnesses.

How are your Thanksgiving preparations coming along?



  1. Looking forward to another great week. Interesting that I cited the Typhoid Mary case in a recent blog post for ACFW, helping people prepare for the annual conference. Can hardly wait to read your post.
    Thanks giving preparations? Hmm. I make sure the TV works well and hope the Cowboys don't embarrass themselves.

  2. Richard.

    You crack me up. I'm sure your beautiful wife puts together a great meal to enhance your football watching pleasure.

    What's the link for your ACFW post? I tried to find it but couldn't.

    When's your first book with T/N coming out?

  3. Here's the link:

    My first Thomas Nelson book is due out in the spring of 2013. Wish there weren't such a gap, but that's the pace of the publishing industry.

  4. Richard,

    That's too long of a wait! How many novels are you doing with them?

    Thanks for leaving the link. It explains why I couldn't find it. I was looking over at the ACFW website.