Sunday, May 20, 2012

Up and Coming

Hey Redwood's Fans--- how has your week been?

Mine crazy-- the work of a soon-to-be published author is insane! But joyously insane.

What's been going on with you?

This week:

Monday: Tanya Cunningham, baby nurse extraordinaire, is taking on the medical myth that pacifiers disrupt breast feeding.. or is it a myth?

Wednesday: Mangy Mutt Bit Me!! One of the more common injuries I see in the pediatric ER, unfortunately, is dog bite injuries. Here I cover the emergency treatment of dog bites.

Here is a recent incident of a local news anchor that was bitten while doing an interview-- just to highlight how quick these incidents can occur.

Friday: Cujo gave me rabies. If you want a rare illness to consider-- rabies could be an interesting choice for the demise of your character.

Hope you all have a fantastic week.

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