Sunday, March 10, 2013

Up and Coming

Hello Redwood's Fans!

How has your week been. Me--- working on a new book proposal. Anyone know of any great medical mysteries? It's pretty sad when I'm reading and am familiar with most. I want something unusual and preferably genetically fatal-- so if you have any ideas . . .

On top of that-- I need a setting. Any setting. I like creepy houses but I don't think it's a good setting for a trilogy-- being confined to one place either. So-- what's your favorite setting? 

For you this week:

Monday: Author/EMS expert Dianna Benson is back to give a first hand account of cardiac arrest in the field.

Wednesday: Firefighter/Paramedic Tim Casey shares some of his patients' experiences with near death.

Forensic Friday: Garry Rodgers is back starting a multi-part series on a true life death investigation. These posts are fascinating and I know you'll enjoy.

Have a great week.



  1. A trilogy, hm? Likely any single setting will prove confining over the length of three books, so I suggest you think in terms of a community. It could be a relatively isolated community, a small town set within miles of surrounding farmland (look at a map of eastern Oregon), or the ranch or farm fifteen miles from that town, where single cowboys live in the bunkhouse and the married men live on-site as well. The "creepy house" might be the original farmstead, abandoned by great-grandma when great-grandpa died in it.

    Genetically fatal - how about fatal familial insomnia?

    These are your ideas now. I'm off to write more sword-and-sorcery.

  2. Great tips, Writer Chick! Thanks so much for leaving them.

  3. Jordyn, one community idea that comes to mind is the new trend toward co-housing that's growing...that combination of condos/retail/parks/daycare, shared common spaces like living area, etc. You could include an onsite clinic that would be the heart of the medical side of it. I think you could carry this over a trilogy, and it could be urban or small town - and a small town setting could carry it's own set of issues/conflicts. Check out