Sunday, April 14, 2013

Up and Coming

How are you Redwood's Fans?

Me...hmmm... other than surviving a freakish April snow storm... doing well.

For you this week!

Two of my inspirational medical colleagues are releasing books here in the next couple of weeks and will be visiting Redwood's. Dr. Richard Mabry will be giving away a chance to win his latest novel, Stress Test.

Don't worry-- I'll have Candace back after her book releases and we'll see if I can talk her into giving away a book.

For you this week:

Monday: Dr. Richard Mabry and a chance to win Stress Test. This novel has been getting a lot of early praise and I'm super pumped to be able to get my hands on it!

Wednesday: Author and anesthesiologist H.S. Clarke stops by to talk about the good and the bad surrounding epidurals.

Friday: Candace Calvert scrubs in with a medical question and it's a very interesting one. In fact, one of my favorite author questions thus far.

Have a GREAT week.



  1. Hi Jordyn, Sounds good. I'll come back again!

  2. I loved Richard Mabry's Prescription for Trouble Series and I'm excited about this new book, Stress Test. I would love to read his book and post my review on my blog, amazon, GoodReads, and Novel Crossing. I'm new to the "blogging for books" world, but I am loving it so much. And being able to read a book from an author I know is a good writer makes my job easier. Thank you for this opportunity to enter this contest.