Sunday, June 23, 2013

Up and Coming

Hello Redwood's Fans!

Hope you had a GREAT week and enjoyed the Redwood's Comedy Break.

How's your summer going? Enjoying the kids-- grandkids?

We recently went on a camping trip. The first time we took our two girls. We decided to go horseback riding. Well, you know when you combine the two, someone is coming off a horse.

Yes, it happened. My youngest one got knocked off her horse. Thankfully, she was okay. An adventure she'll get to share with her kids when she gets older.

We're thankful that the fires in Colorado are mostly under control. We live not too far from the Black Forest area but were not in any evacuation or pre-evacuation areas. Such a devastating fire. Please continue to pray for all those families.

For you this week:

Monday: Kara Hunt (Genesis Finalist!) stops by with an author question surrounding a physical assault and what injuries the victim might have.

Wednesday: Author and EMS expert Dianna Benson stops by and blogs about a patient who has fallen from approx 20 feet.

Friday: Author question surrounding hallucinogenic drugs.

Have a great week!

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