Thursday, August 22, 2013

How People Die

Are you curious to know what people die of where you live?

There are tons and tons of websites that can help you get a feel for the leading causes of death in a particular area, a particular age group, a particular race and gender.

I have to give a shout out to my agent's wife, Becky Johnson, for posting this to her Facebook page and I thought it would be an excellent resource for all you medical nerds to bookmark in your research folder.

It's a website called World Life Expectancy. I know-- right? I just got chills.

I've linked you to one particular page that looks at the top 15 causes of death in the US and ranks each state and where they fall.

The state leading in death by heart disease: Mississippi.

How about cancer? That would be Kentucky.

How about something more mundane like accidents? You get the gold West Virginia.

It's like Becky said-- "If you want to live a long, disease free life-- Hawaii seems to be your best bet."

There is literally a plethora of information on this website. Life expectancy-- down to your particular county. It also has lots of data for the WORLD. 

How does your state fair? Does it give you any plot ideas? I think cancer clusters always serve for interesting medical plots.


  1. Jordyn,
    I live in Ky and the only suprise is that it wasn't heart disease. Just abt everyone here has either been touched by cancer or someone in their family has. Yes, I can see the plots and twists. You must remember that Ky has alot of rural areas and good health is not readily available. The smaller hospitals are great for initial treatment, but most are just too small to handle serious cases. The larger cities get the transfers.

  2. Katrina,

    You make a good point about the health care options of our rural residents and how it is impacting their health.