Thursday, February 13, 2014

Space Heater Safety

Once in a while-- I feel the need to do a little public safety.

Since it is winter and unusually cold this winter-- keep these space heater tips in mind. Most of these came from an ABC news piece from the link below. I highly recommend viewing the video.

The Dangers of Space Heaters | Video - ABC News

1. Make sure the space heater has 3ft around it.

2. Don't use extension cords.

3. The space heater has an automatic shut off.

4. It can burn--- children should be supervised at all times when they are around them.

5. Have a carbon monoxide detector.

6. Make sure furnaces are in good working order.

Stay safe peeps. 


  1. Forwarding to my son, who lives in a tiny efficiency apartment with a crummy wall-unit heater, so now has an electric space heater to warm the place up. It's got the auto shut-off thing if it falls over. But since it's electric, he doesn't need a CO2 detector, does he?

    1. I don't think so, Stacy but I do think it's always a good idea to have a CO detector. They are usually just plugged into an outlet.

      Remember, CO2 is what we exhale so no need to monitor that ;0)!!

  2. Also of concern during these periods of cold, snow, ice, no power is the use of portable gasoline, gas, wood heaters. Also folks who try to "grill out" while inside. All potential catastrophes waiting to happen and maim and kill.

    1. Yes, people need to be very careful about the choices they're making about alternative heat/cooking during power outages. Be prepared ahead of time and think through some of these scenarios.