Sunday, July 13, 2014

Up and Coming

Hello Redwood's Fans!

How IS everyone doing? Surviving the summer heat? As I'm sure I've said before-- summer is my least favorite season. It's just too hot and too bright! Anyone else with me on this? I think, truly, I have reverse seasonal affective disorder. I think the sun makes me depressed. But then again, who ever said suspense authors are normal.

For you this week:

Tuesday: I always love it when award-winning author Dianna T. Benson stops by. This week, she writes an engaging scene that deals with a stabbing victim. It's a great way to convey the medical information in a creative way.

Thursday: Friend, law enforcement guru, and award-winning author Mark Young stops by to see if he can stump me with a medical question about lab testing. Hmmm--- can the cop stump the nurse? You'll have to stop in and find out.

Have a great week and stay cool.


  1. I have summer SAD, and if it weren't for my doctor I'd have never realized what made summers so miserable for me. (Lots of insomnia, depressed appetite/weight loss until I learned to control my symptoms. And yes, direct sunlight especially when the humidity is low, makes me feel like I'm being burned.) It's much more rare than the 'normal' winter SAD, and there isn't a lot of literature out there on it. I'm looking forward to cooler nights and shorter daylight, that's for certain! If you're curious, there's a very brief rundown at this Mayo Clinic page:

    1. Hi Joelle,

      Thanks for letting me know this. I didn't know you could have this in the summer as an actual medical diagnosis. Very interesting.