Sunday, November 30, 2014

Up and Coming

Hello Redwood's Fans!

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine? Good. It was simple. My family and my parents. It was a joy to get to spend the day with them and not have to worry about going anywhere else.

Any Black Friday shoppers out there? Honestly, you will never see me get up early to go shopping. Even if offered a large sum of money. I. Don't. Do. Mornings. Plus, I really hate crowds and mall parking lots give me hives. This year I've done most of my shopping on-line. 

We're back to the medical mayhem this week!

Tuesday: What is the difference between the NICU and PICU? 

Thursday: Author question-- what's the best radiology study for a character experiencing headaches and blurred vision? Think you know the answer?

Have a great week and stay safe out there!!

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