Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Fun

We're taking a break from all things medical the last two weeks of December. Hopefully these videos will make you smile and as a bonus, each post will have a book/gift card winner drawn from the subscribers/followers list. So, sounds like a great time to start subscribing and following!

Check back frequently and often to see if you've won. Address must be e-mailed to by 12/31/2011 to claim.

Today's winner is: twobellesandabook!

Now, enjoy the video. Love this because I'm a dog lover.


  1. My dog loves water, because he's a lab, but that dog was adorable and quite possibly on the best doggie valium ever! ;-). Great video! Thanks for sharing. Made my morning.. Aj Luck

  2. What fun. My dog would NEVER do that.

  3. Thanks AJ and Stacy for your comments. I WISH our dog was like this for his bath. It ends up being more like mud wrestling. You're right AJ, I want to know what drug they gave him!