Saturday, December 3, 2011

Up and Coming

Hey all! Hope you have had a great week. Anyone holiday shopping? Finished yet?

Seemingly, I have survived my first week post shoulder dislocation. Last Sunday, I asked people to post in the comments section cause of said injury and I would pick a winner today. Well, congratulations, Sandra Ardoin, who said: If it was like my brother's dislocation, someone (who had no clue what they were doing) was trying to teach you judo.

That made me laugh out loud. So, Sandra is the happy winner of a $15.00 Visa gift card and a book of her choice. I'll give her a few options. Sandra, send your address to me at and we'll figure out what book you'd like to read.

The real cause of my injury--- a cable machine push-up. First exercise on the second rep. My trainer dude was nearly as white as I was and though I do appreciate his offer to pop my shoulder back into place... unless you are in the ED with Fentanyl in your pocket... please stay away from my dangling arm.

This week:

Monday: Heidi Creston talks about nurse-assisted deliveries. She's a stellar OB RN. I know, because she's been a great eye for my character's OB issues.

Wednesday: Medical question concerning influenza and the possible complications for a pregnant woman. I'll also be over at Christian Mama's Guide discussing all things pediatrics.

Friday: Cop versus Nurse. Always a fun time in the ER when the police bring in a prisoner. Good way to add conflict to your ms.

Anyone else typing in a sling? Have a great week...



  1. Never tried to type with a sling but I've been trying to type with a splint on my right pinkie for over a month. Needless to say, NaNoWriMo was a bust for me this year.

  2. I'm not saying I'd try it myself unless the person couldn't get to A&E, but I have heard of a way to put a dislocated shoulder back with minimal pain. It's apparently called 'talking it back in', and it takes a few minutes. If I remember rightly, you hold their hand so that their elbow dangles, and very slowly raise their arm. While you do it, you keep talking to them to keep them relaxed, and don't let on that you're actually putting it back.
    (Don't rely on this in practice, because there may well be some trick to it that I don't know, but I thought it was interesting.)

  3. Thanks Elaine... I think the pinky splint might be more difficult. How is your writing coming along?

    Carrie-- maybe that's a post I need to do. How to relocate dislocations.

    And thanks, Mart.