Saturday, February 4, 2012

Up and Coming

Hey all! How has your week been?

Mine-- three thoughts: blizzard + snow day = kids running amok. I'll let you infer what kind of mood I might be in.

This week will be an excellent week at Redwood's.

Monday: Micheal Rivers will be guest blogging from the field. How does EMS handle the challenge of the "altered mental status" patient?

Wednesday: Author Beware! These are my absolute favorite posts to write. This one, there will be some mild skewering of a recent Hallmark Christmas movie. Can you guess which one?

Friday: Author Question. These are my second favorite posts. Elaine Stock stops by with a question about pneumonia and how long it could debilitate her character. See what advice I offer to make her scenario plausible.

What's up with your writing this week?


1 comment:

  1. Our little guy runs amok snow or not, so Hubby baked fresh cookies and I made soup. I still see snow this morning. Looking forward to a fun week ahead.