Saturday, March 10, 2012

Up and Coming

I'm very excited about this week at Redwood's Medical Edge. Great posts for both contemporary and historical authors.

Monday: Ever feel like the crux of a novel is unrealistic? Surely, so many bad things cannot happen to one character. Dianna Benson shares how real people can live through very trying circumstances. I know I've seen this in my own nursing career working with families. When it rains it pours seems to be a real life daily event.

Wednesday: Amy Clipston will share her real life story about being a kidney donor. This post is amazing and inspired a thread in my new novel. Thanks, Amy!

Friday: For a little historical flavor, Renee Yancy will post on ancient medicine in Ireland. For my readers who love to learn about plants and their medicinal value-- this post is for you.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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