Saturday, June 16, 2012

Up and Coming

How has everyone's week been going?

Mine-- fabulous. Book launch is keeping me busy but I was very blessed to get this starred review of Proof from Library Journal. So, now I am fully confident that it is a stellar book and not just my mother who loves my writing! Thanks Library Journal for totally making my week and putting my book next to Ted Dekker and Irene Hannon...

This week at Redwood's is Forensic Week!

Monday and Wednesday: Two part series on collecting a rape kit. This is very important for the writer on two parts. One, to know what a sexual assault victim goes through during this exam and two, what does the nurse do and not do?

Friday: Another area of forensic importance for the author is time of death. Here, I discuss a few terms that can aid the writer in writing authentically about time of death issues.

Happy week to you all!


  1. Congratulations on the review, and thanks for providing these very helpful and insightful posts.

  2. Thanks, Alesha! Glad that you enjoyed them.