Tuesday, June 5, 2012


These are some of my favorite posts to write. Several winners to announce here today.

Thanks to everyone who left comments. It's been such a great week.

So-- without further delay. Here you are!

Comment contest: Cathy Brockman

Followers Lists: Vera (who will be super excited to share this with the nurses in her family! So glad you won.)

FeedBlitz Subscribers: stamps@aan... (I'm going to leave the rest blank)

To claim: You must e-mail me your address to jredwood1@gmail.com by June 17th, 2012! Prizes will be mailed that week.

If you didn't win-- here are three blogs currently doing drawings for my book so please visit and enter at all these sites.

1. Sleuths and Suspects

2. The Character Therapist

3. Writing for Christ: The Audience of One

I'll be doing lots of give aways this month and I'll announce them here as well on my non-blogging days so my usual, fantastic medical fare is not interrupted.

Happy Tuesday!

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