Saturday, July 7, 2012

Up and Coming

How has everyone's week been going.

Things are turning up for the state of Colorado. We've had some rain and the Waldo Canyon fire (the one that destroyed somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 homes) is almost fully contained at this point. The lower temperatures and rain are definitely helping.

This was one of the most amazing videos I had seen of the Waldo Canyon fire. It runs about 15 minutes but is time lapsed over several days. It is scarily amazing! Tuesday night into Wednesday was when the biggest destruction began to occur. The white spiky building in the forefront is the Air Force Academy-- it is a huge building. Just gives you a sense of how enormous the fire is.

For you this week:

I'm so excited to have JoAnn Spears back. She will be lending her nursing prowess to a discussion of the mental capabilities of Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots. She did a very popular series on her take on the medical illnesses of Henry the VIII which you can find below.




Looking forward to your visits and comments.

Have a great week.  Jordyn

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