Sunday, August 19, 2012

Up and Coming

Hey Redwood's Fans...

How's your week been going?

Mine-- crazy. Book #3 in the Bloodline trilogy sits at 64,000 words (tentatively titled Peril) and I'm hoping to get it wrapped up by the grand ACFW conference in mid/late Sept so I can let it brew in my mind before editing in early October.

Plus, did you see the cover for Poison? I think it's awesome. I hope you do to. Releases Feb, 2013.

For you this week.

Monday: Kara Hunt asks an author question: How long does it take to drown?

Wednesday: Nurse as patient. How do you expect a medical professional to act when they're injured?

Friday: It's a parade! I'll be participating in the WordServe Water Cooler blog parade and blogging about the first steps I took to becoming a published author.

Hope your week is well.

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