Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is MERS-CoV?

This week is all about pathogens. The good (well, is there really a good part), the bad and the super ugly.

These posts might want to make you duck and cover-- particularly MERS which is affecting Saudi Arabia.

Just what is it?

MERS-CoV stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavius.

The problem is prevention. Authorities are stumped as to where the virus comes from and how it is spread. Add that "someone" sent the virus over oceans to a Dutch virologist who placed the virus under a Material Transfer Agreement which legally requires others NOT to develop products-- like a vaccine. Does this mean that individual would "own" the cure?

People-- you cannot make this stuff up. I'm taking notes for my next medical thriller. 

To read more about MERS and where much of the information came for this blog piece-- check out the following links:

Why a Saudi Virus is Spreading Alarm.

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