Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Retraction and an Apology

Hello all,

This is one retraction and apology I am very glad to have to write.

The article I had posted here today highlighting that the NHS had relaxed its rules regarding hand washing and Muslim care providers is not entirely true. I had concerns about this information as stated in the piece because it was mainly posted in conservative leaning websites. For me, if only one ideology carries the story (right or left) then it's likely agenda driven anyway.

However, I had found the article as well at the Mail Online. I actually got a tweet from someone that stated those that live there find this paper highly unreliable.

So, I did some more checking and found this fact sheet that states that the dress rules were relaxed for Muslim care providers but not when they were caring for patients. They still must adhere to strict hand washing guidelines in those instances which makes me a very happy nurse.

Because medical accuracy is so important to me I am writing this retraction for the blog post's inaccuracy and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was distressed by this particular blog post.

And I'm really happy for patients that this is not true.



  1. Jordyn, glad to hear this isn't true. Thanks for your integrity in posting the retraction.

  2. I love an author who is always willing to speak the truth. It's one of my favorite things about your blog and a reason I follow it even though I know my personal viewpoints often differ from yours -- you're honest and you give excellent medical advice to writers. Thumbs up, and thanks for taking the time to correct an error :)