Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Caleb Fund

Last post, I handled a writing related medical question that pertained to our military.

At times, I'll do public service posts and I think this one is important enough to share as it relates to our service men and women.

We know there is a gap in services when military personnel return to the States. Many suffer from PTSD. There are not enough mental health services to go around. I can speak strongly to this on the civilian side where we have patients who can't get inpatient mental health services unless they are a danger to themselves or others at the time of admission. This doesn't necessarily ensure the patient will be safe over subsequent days and months as this article concerning Senator Creigh outlines (whose son nearly stabbed him to death.) They had been to an ER over mental health concerns the day before.

Southeast Christian, a local church in our community, is trying to do something about it by starting a fund (called The Caleb Fund) that raises money to offer reduced counseling services to members of our military (past and present.)

For more information, contact Heather Nelson at or follow this link

And for all military members-- past and present-- thank you for your service!

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  1. Also, if there is a branch of a decent sized research university nearby, there are often post-doctoral students completing practicum hours who charge very low fees for psychological services. These are students working under licensed practitioners who have access to the newest ideas and studies. Things can be hinky sometimes because of school holidays, when the clinics are often closed for regular appointments (that said, our son's therapist, who works in such a clinic has NEVER been unavailable to us in our hours of need), and it can be kind of weird working with someone who has to go back and touch base with a supervisor before starting a course of action, but we have been doing this for some time with our youngest, and it's a godsend.