Saturday, July 21, 2012

Up and Coming

Hey Redwood's Fans!

How's the summer going? What types of fun activities have you been up to?

This week for you...

Monday: Nelda Copas shares a fascinating post on serial killers.

Wednesday: Author Question. You know I love these! This one deals with bleeding to death. Always important for those manuscript details.

Friday: Author Paula Moldenhauer shares a post on the Titanic victims. What about you? Do you think they died from hypothermia or drowning? This is an excellent post that talks about the two competing theories.



  1. Looks like a great week Joydyn. Congrats on your book release!
    --I don't think there will be serial killers in any of my historical WIPs. But along those lines--how many dead bodies are acceptable in Historical Romance that is not really "suspense"? My crit partner and I have laughed uncontrollably about this issue and have decided to kill off as many as needed for a believable plot! :o)
    --About bleeding to death--as the saying goes--"All bleeding eventually stops."
    --Titanic--Hmmmm, I'd wager on hypothermia. Will have to check back next week for the discussion!

    1. Anne... You are an author after my own heart! Yes, all bleeding does stop eventually...just what condition will the patient be in? You may be surprised by the ultimate demise of the Titanic victims!

  2. Since my first book is about the Titanic, I'll wait impatiently for Friday. Based on my research, I'm going with hypothermia, too. I'm sure some of the died from drowning, as some may not have worn a lifebelt. We know for sure that Thomas Andrews, the ship's builder did not wear his lifebelt. I suspect that guilt and a broken heart made him go down with his ship. There are conflicting accounts of whether he went into the water while throwing chairs and doors overboard for others to cling to, or if he remained in the smoking room as the ship broke apart.

    It's a fascinating subject. I was on the Titanic Memorial Cruise for the 100th anniversary, but I don't remember any of the lectures being on this topic. Looking forward to it!

  3. Thanks for allowing me to post on your site Jordyn. As to the Titanic, some probably drowned but I'd say hypothermia took most.