Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winner!!-- And Up and Coming

I'm pleased to announce that Ira won Sarah Sundin's book With Every Letter. Ira, I've sent you an e-mail so be sure to send me your address so we can get you this wonderful book.

A big thanks to Sarah Sundin and her readers for participating in my blog contest. It was great to see all the comments and I was happy to learn about Cherry Ames! Have to check those books out.

It was a pleasure having all of you.

For you this week:

Monday: JoAnn Spears is back! Her posts are super popular and she will be at Redwood's the next four Monday's discussing Queen Anne's obstetrical history which I found truly fascinating.

Wednesday and Friday: Author Question! Love to do these posts. This week, Amy stops by with an involved question about car accidents. Dianna will give her thoughts on Wednesday and I'll add mine on Friday.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!


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