Sunday, December 2, 2012

Up and Coming

Hello Redwood's Fans!

So... anyone brave Black Friday shopping? I am not a fan of crazy crowds plus I worked in the ER most of the holiday so no trampling other people for a cheap TV was in the plans--- or rescuing people from getting trampled upon.

X-mas Eve Tree
Nevertheless, I am getting into the Christmas spirit. Decorations are up-- three trees this year! You know my husband is just thrilled with that and I wonder what my future son-in-laws will think when my girls grow up and insist on multiple trees.

What are your Christmas traditions?

One of ours is that we have a small, "Christmas Eve" tree. We generally open gifts Christmas morning but I got tired of the children begging to open gifts ALL day Christmas Eve so I got a smaller, fake tree to decorate and there are always two smaller presents there for them: Christmas PJ's and an ornament.

How's the decorating going for you?

For you this week:

Monday: JoAnn Spears concludes her series on Ann Boleyn and the mysterious sweating sickness. Truly a fascinating series.

Wednesday: EMTALA and the writer. EM...? What? Tune in to find out.

Friday: Author Question: I need a medical condition for my character!

Happy Christmas Tree Decorating.

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